IT Security Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions. We protect and empower organizations to focus on what they do best – grow their business. By using proprietary technology and thirty years of domain expertise, our technology platform operates in real time by detecting and protecting against cyber security attacks.

Our mission is straightforward: To ensure that organizations seeking cyber security protection have access to advanced cyber security protection. This protection, in turn, protects business, achieves meaningful and sustainable IT security compliance and promotes a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


Are the policies, tools and controls you have in place effectively mitigating your cyber security risk? If you answered NO or you’re just not sure, put our industry leading experience to work for you. We take pride in delivering value while protecting our clients. Let us take the fear out of managing your cyber security risk.


Are you looking for an objective audit conducted by certified industry leaders? You’ve come to the right place. Let our 30+ years of experience work for you. Audits include, FFIEC, PCI, FISMA, GLB, HIPAA, and others.


Our Chief Information Security Officer Service is the solution for organizations with data security obligations who do not need a full-time Chief Security Officer on staff, or want to augment their current operations with additional experience. We become an extension of your talent and put protecting your assets front and center.


We continuously monitor networks and detect attacks that typical firewalls and scanners simply cannot. That’s what makes us different.


Penetration Testing (or Pen Testing) is the testing of Computer networks, systems, Web and Mobile Applications to find the vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Penetration Testing should be accomplished annually, or within 30 days after making or introducing changes to the enterprise. New vulnerabilities are discovered continuously, therefore testing is essential to insure that new vulnerabilities are not introduced into the environment.