IT Security Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions. We protect and empower organizations to focus on what they do best – grow their business. By using proprietary technology and thirty years of domain expertise, our technology platform operates in real time by detecting and protecting against cyber security attacks.

Our mission is straightforward: To ensure that organizations seeking cyber security protection have access to advanced cyber security protection. This protection, in turn, protects business, achieves meaningful and sustainable IT security compliance and promotes a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Managed Security Services

We are ready to manage the security services that your organization needs.  Whether your company needs an annual assessment, or you just want the piece of mind that comes with having a team of experts develop the solutions and strategy to assure that the vulnerabilities were acknowledged, and fixed.  Managed Security Services assures that the technical resources are brought to your organization, on time, and with a consistent price.

Managed security services are the service that your organization needs to block the attackers and their ability to get into your network.  Let’s start with a call to organize the right strategy for your organization today.


Our exclusive cybersecurity assessment examines your security controls and how they stack up against known vulnerabilities. It’s similar to a cyber risk assessment, a part of the risk management process, in that it incorporates threat-based approaches to evaluate cyber resilience.  Whether your needs are Centered around NIST, ITIL, SOC or CMMC our experience will get your organization updated faster.

Governance & Compliance

Are you looking for an objective audit conducted by certified industry leaders? You’ve come to the right place. Let our 30+ years of experience work for you. Audits include, FFIEC, PCI, FISMA, GLB, HIPAA, and others.  Our GRC Leadership is used to connect Business Risk (FAIR™), with assessed vulnerabilities.

Working with our experienced staff saves time & money. drives value and better security solutions.

Virtual CISO

Our Chief Information Security Officer Service is the solution for organizations with data security obligations who do not need a full-time Chief Security Officer on staff, or want to augment their current operations with additional experience. We become an extension of your talent and put protecting your assets front and center.

Network Security

Network security is a subset of cybersecurity that is focused on protecting an organization’s IT infrastructure from online threats.  While organization set up security once, they rarely check the security of their operations, which permits attackers to exploit weak controls and breach the network.

We continuously monitor networks and detect attacks that typical firewalls and scanners simply cannot. ITS Security Solutions is focused on protecting environments from the threats, rather than trying to recover from the exploits, after they are detected.

Penetration Testing

penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. In the context of web application securitypenetration testing is commonly used to augment a web application firewall (WAF), software security testing (assessment) allows us to define the vulnerabilities which need addresses (fixed) as well.

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Third Party Vendors

Are your vendors prepared to protect your organization?  Understanding the risks involved can lower your potential security issues due to security threats that they are not disclosing to you currently.  How do you handle these threats?

We are talking about third party risks, like those that occurred with the SolarWinds hack.  Our exclusive trade craft shines the light on the events that others miss.

IT Security Solutions leads the pathway forward for our clients with improved cybersecurity People, Processes and Technology.  Our Managed Security solutions offer out of the box convenience with your business requirements in mind.

Best of Pittsburgh

IT Security Solutions, selected as best in Pittsburgh for cyber security consulting in 2021.