Our Founder & CEOFounder & CEO

IT Security Solutions, Inc. is led by its founder, Albert E. Whale.

Albert has 30+ years of leading teams to better cybersecurity.  He has extensive experience in the techniques that the Hackers use and identifies the Probability and Impact Risks that have enabled them to exploit their business.  Albert is a Service-Disabled Veteran of the US Navy, an Award winning Author, International Public Speaker, and is frequently interviewed about cybersecurity issues Internationally.

He started in cybersecurity after the events of 9/11 had the FBI seeking assistance.  That moved into his Co-Creating the Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance, where they assisted the National Critical Infrastructure with better security. Since then, Albert has worked with the Veterans Administration (saving over $1 Million in 6 months), the US Air Force (teaching software security), Global Banks (helping to secure their software and infrastructure), and SMBs Internationally.

Today, Albert is an Advisory Board member with Pittsburgh Technical College and EC Council University. Albert has also participated in the Red Teaming events for ‘Hack the Pentagon’ and ‘Hack the Air Force’.  Albert’s booked #HACKED is geared to help you in your cybersecurity journey.

The ITS SafeTM Security appliance and the Casper-VPN products accelerate cybersecurity for both Business and Personal User respectively. These products are both described in his book #HACKED at https://TheHackedBook.com.

Some of his favorite quotes are:

  • “You don’t know what you don’t know.”
  • “Once the Genie is out, you cannot get him back into the bottle.”  (think about your data being the Genie)
  • “The best time to get started with security is yesterday, the second best time is today.”

Mr. Whale regularly posts updates and security information on his LinkedIn Profile.