ITS Safe Detects, Protects and Destroys Intruders.

The ITS SafeTM Security Appliance is an additional layer of security for your network to defend against today’s active threats.

We built ITS Safe to provide expert on-site risk assurance, no matter the staff size or experience when you need it most – 24/7.

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Who is protecting your network during the Pandemic?


The security designed for your business is not what was planned for operating in the pandemic.

IT Security Solutions has developed our proprietary solution for protecting organizations.  Our continuous monitoring and assessment services are the basis for our Managed Detection, Defense and Destruction (MD3) of Intruders.


Benefits we offer:


  • Continuous monitoring and defense of your networks
  • 20+ Years of cyber security experience
  • Cyber protection more cost effective than Insurance, and spending 6 to 18 months (or more) to recover.



Because the ITS SafeTM Security Appliance Sits behind the organization’s firewall, ITS SAFE is able to see the traffic in the network that is coming in and going out of the network from the computers, IoT devices and the employees inside the network.  If the organization permits the employees to use their personal mobile devices, ITS Safe can detect the traffic from the WiFi connected devices which passes through the network, and let you know which devices are already compromised.




WiFi devices are especially interested to attackers because they don’t need your email address (though we have identified MANY Email addresses for our clients),  to get to you personally.  We can have a deeper conversation about your company’s security, by scheduling a brief call with us.

If you are looking to block the Trojans & amp; Ransomware coming into your network, you definitely need to stop the intrusions in the network, BEFORE they can gain access to the computers and other equipment in your network.  Here’s a brief video about what ITS Safe found in a local Pilot on Day one, President’s Day, 2019.



Did you know 43% of companies go out of business just six months after a cyber-attack?

The average cost of a Data Breach is approximately $3.8 Million per incident.

If your last security assessment is over a year, we can start with a small assessment to get you started on better security today.