14 Sep

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Cybersecurity – Do You Think You’re Really That Secure?

In this episode, Jennifer talks with Albert Whale from IT Security Solutions about cybersecurity and Albert shares some really scary information about security and how we may feel we’re safe but the hackers are out there watching and waiting for us to do something stupid.

Listen in as Albert goes through some of the best ways to avoid running into a problem and what you can do RIGHT NOW to keep yourself from being a victim. Albert has also graciously offered a free eBook, “The TOP 10 Things to Improve your Cybersecurity” (a value of $97) when you go to https://its-safe.it-security-solutions.com/podcast

About Albert: Mr. Whale has 30+ years of experience with Reducing the Risk for Business and Asset owners, minimizing their Liabilities and Overall risk. Mr. Whale is well experienced in the techniques that the Hackers are employing, enabling them to exploit their victims. While some organizations will work on everything, Mr. Whale develops a comprehensive plan to identify the Probabilities that Risks have and eliminate the Liabilities for the business. Mr. Whale is an Author, Public Speaker, and is frequently interviewed about security issues Internationally.

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