21 Jan

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This is the second episode for 2019, and what we are focusing on today is focusing on the positive effects for your business.  Are you the Weakest link? How do the attackers are get past your Firewall and Virus Scanners.

Here are two reasons:

• Hackers have the same tools.

• They know how to evade them.


Using the Internet allows attackers to follow you inside the firewall.






The mission of the Risk Avengers podcast is:

• Discuss current cyber security issues.

• Learn how to protect your business.

• Review compliance requirements for business owners. 

Our 10 minute format is designed to make it easy for listeners to get up to date on the current People, Processes and Problems for your Business.

The show is Hosted by Albert Whale, Founder & CEO of IT Security Solutions, and Jim Loeffler, President of InTune Business Advisors.

Join us to discover the road for improved security and protecting your business, be it small or global.

The information discussed on this podcast is presented for informational purposes only. It is not intended as nor does it constitute specific information security or accounting advice and should not be acted upon as such.



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