18 Sep

By: PointPitt


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Most organizations have an excellent resource internally, being their IT Department.  These talented individuals work tirelessly to keep the equipment up to date, and operational.  They are extremely beneficial and resourceful in that manner.

Then we talk about the Security Team.  Take a look at your organization.  Do you promote from within?  Well that’s Great!  But how many of these individuals you are employing on the Security Red have run Red Team events?  Have gone into active hacking situations and booted them from the environment?  Do they know why this message is a Hackers friend?

Web Server Error message discloses internal Weaknesses

I’m thinking that these items are less of an employment issue than having an experienced person in the lead role.  But how much would it cost you when the Hackers get inside your network?

A recent SBDC Cybersecurity conference had Dr. Mary McKinney quoted as saying that a Breach on a SMALL Business will cost them more than $38,000.00.  Imagine the cost of losing the contracts to large businesses, because larger businesses are requiring that their smaller business partners have robust cyber security programs in place.

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You need better programs in place, and using an outside resource seems the best way to validate that what you have is both secure, and functional.  If we are able to find that you have security issues, knowing about them before the hackers is essential to fixing them.

We are your business partners in Cybersecurity.  We have the People, Processes and Solutions to keep your organization Secure, and your Data Protected.  This is easier than you think, but you can’t delay, so let’s start today!

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